Paul has recently moved to Hale in Cheshire and has a few vacancies for pupils in the area. Tuition is available in your own home if you wish.
There are numerous studies praising the benefits of music education in the development of cognition. Studying music increases our intellectual power and the piano is one of the most stimulating tools to advance this

Piano Tuition
Practicing the piano teaches discipline, focus and helps to develop a longer attention span. The musical skills you develop can be retained as a life-long hobby and interest.
You can learn pieces just for pleasure or look towards examinations. Music theory is also a great interest of mine as are composition techniques.
Music Theory Tuition – Any Instrument
Music Theory enables you to read music more fluently and by understanding how scales and harmony work also gives you the ability to compose music. For those learning an instrument most examination boards require you to take a grade 5 music theory exam before progressing to the higher practical exams.
In addition, Paul is able to provide extra tuition to those studying towards GCSE or A-level music. Pupils often look for extra tuition in the listening, composing and theory parts of the examinations and also for support in preparing for their performances and rehearsing with piano accompaniment.
Make some time each day and turn off that mobile phone and your computer and leave the mind bending virtual world and pursue a path of real creativity.